The use of eye tracking is in an upswing. Thanks to the game industry which is setting new trends, virtual and augmented reality and the “tracking” of eyes as an opportunity for interaction, are an increasing field of interest.

The possibility to use eye tracking in combination with augmented or virtual reality allows the researcher a variety of scenarios. There are a wide range of application fields. In addition, the technology is currently undergoing a trend upturn.

The motivation of the project group is that we offer the researchers a fast and easy to reproduce way to carry out their studies. Since the access to augmented and virtual reality became easier, more and more researches from different fields are trying to incorporate this into their work. The eye tracking can be used in combination with the two mentioned technologies to offer an interface for human-machine interaction. This combination was especially appealing since human-machine interaction becomes more and more present and commonplace for the “normal” user.

Possible fields of application are:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Medicine and psychology
  • Learning and training programs
  • Industry
  • Research