On this page we will provide troubleshooting for known problem with our framework. If you encouter problem which isn’t listed here, please contact us and report it.


Eye camera freezes or has a very low framerate

If the image of the eye camera freezes or has a very low framerate while the pupil is being recognized, the settings pupil intensity range, pupil min and pupil max should be changed as soon as the pupil is clearly visible. These settings can be found in the Pupil Detector 2D section. Play around with the parameter settings until the pupil is well recognized and the framerate remains consistent.

Incorrect Calibration Marker Size

If the marker is not detected correctly, this can be done by modifying the “Marker Scale” or “Marker Distance”. You can find the settings in the inspector under “Calibration”.

Figure 1: Calibration Setting in Unity

Pupil USB Cameras

The cameras should be different or please ensure that they have different names.

Pupil Capture

If Pupil Capture crashes, it is useful to delete the capture settings before you restart.