On this page, we provide videos which demonstrate the possibilities of our framework and examples videos.

Project Trailer


Examples of the Proband’s View

Example video of the proband’s view in a virtual reality scene:

Pursuit Balloon

An AR scene using Vuforia. The user has to look at a marker and make a gesture to start a game were they have to pop ballons using fixations. There are ballons which mustn’t be popped because the user loses a life if should they destroy them. They also lose a life should the other balloons fly to far away. The game ends if the user ha no more lifes left. Additionally the user has access to a menu using a second marker to stop or restart the game or close the app entirely.


An AR scene where the user has to follow a balloon with his gaze. If the user does this for a few seconds, the balloon will burst into pieces. During this period the ballon’s line symbolizes how close the ballon is to bursting. The shorter the line is, the closer the ballon is to bursting. After a short time the balloon reappears somewhere around the user and can be followed again.